by Aimee Denkmann B.B.A.

With more then 15 years of spiritual practice and experience in different yogastyles & interdisciplinary healing methods, Aimée Denkmann B.B.A. is specialized in Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. She graduated in teacher training level I & level II in the French Alps at Amrit Nam Sarovar, an international Kundalini Yoga School whos Head of the School is Karta Singh Khalsa – direct student of Yogi Bhajan.

Aimée graduaded in Business Administration (Finance & International Relations/Development) at Frankfurt Goethe University. She is the Cofounder of SAINT CHARLES Complementary, an interdisciplinary Yoga- & Artstudio in Vienna/Austria. Apart from her yogic work, she curated various art exhibitions & events as well as she interconnects, promotes and supports interdisciplinary projects and creative ideas in the realm of Body | Mind | Spirit | Contemporary Art | Bio/Organic/Sustainable Living | Design & Music for the purpose of inspiration.

Since Summer 2015 she resides in Liguria/Italy working on a holistic health recovery project – namely and Healingartsgarden, Borgomaro.