Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan (3HO) is a holistic method of physical and energetical work. Various physical, rhythmical practices (Asanas) combined with particular breathing techniques (Pranayam), singing of mantras (chanting) and mental focus build the core elements of the practice of Kundalini Yoga. This composition strengthens the energyflow and gives you mental and physical power as well as radiating charisma. A typical conceptual design of a course is a set of exercises – dedicated to a specific purpose – followed by a deep phase of relaxation and a meditation. Meditation can be various, sometimes in a dynamic rhythmic movement with music and sometimes deeply still in silence. Kundalini Yoga is a Yoga for everybody and does not require particular physical abilities or knowledge.

In the age we are living in the informational pressure on our human system is really high. So what KY does is it works on our 5 senses and consolidates a so called 6th sense – one, that is in charge of controlling the other 5 senses. We get conscious about our tools of attentiveness – or in other words, we get conscious about our consciousness (this is how we hear, feel, see, taste, smell). We bring into alignment our body, mind and soul. Our mind is attuned to frequency – thought and it senses a broder range of frequencies. So also, through Meditation we link our mind to a different frequency. It is like a Radio that we tune to hear more clearly. What we think, and how we think creates our reality.

Alignment of our Mind creates our live, our aura, our way to succeed in life, what we attract and how we resound. As we sound, we create a vibe that resounds in our SurrOUNDings. Meditation cleanses distractions in us, that make ourselves sound not as we originally intend. It clears the subconscious mind. Through that you have the possibility to not unconsciously/unknowingly create the same patterns anymore. You will create from elevated consciousness.

Kundalini Yoga sometimes brings up, that, what is right underneath. And by going through that we free ourselves from blocks/fears/bonds we have and link ourselves to healthier more elevated frequencies/thoughts/habits. Energy frees and helps to be more clear, have more power, compassion, love, creative energy, efficiency, concentration, relaxation, and so on.

Once experienced you would never miss this technique in your life anymore, because it helps – being a vehicle – to merge yourself into the deeper truth about who you really are. In the dimension of the soul it needs to be understood what the human origin is. It is a relationship of somebody with the cosmic energy, with a deep contentment of existence, with the Infinite.

All is One. Everything is connected. Change is constant. Expand in Love. How do you relate?